Q & A with Steve Robert

Originally from Lyon, France, Steve Robert now resides in Nelson, BC where his work has been getting alot of attention from local businesses and athletes.  We reached out to Steve to learn more about working along the Powder Highway.

TOM: Your film Expectation, how did this come together? 

STEVE: I started this project during my last semester at school. I recently graduated from the Digital Arts and New Media at Selkirk College in Nelson B.C and this film was my final project.

Steve Robert photo.

TOM: Do you have a favourite shot from Expectation? 

STEVE: There is a couple shots I really like. One is my friend Sami snowboarding between the beautiful snowghosts at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. A second shot I like is the one of Jon tapping a tree covered of snow with the tail of his skis. All these guys are very talented and they really use the mountain as a playground.

TOM:  How does the Powder Highway influence your work? 

STEVE:  I came here in 2013 for the first time and I discovered British Columbia and the Kootenays. I was watching photos and videos of BC before but I couldn’t imagine how perfect this place really is. Every year I ski new places and find some incredible new terrain. I think I would not do what I’m doing if I was living somewhere else.

Steve Robert Photo.

TOM: Photographers need a ton of gear to bring reality to life. Do you have a piece of gear that makes all the difference for you in the backcountry?

STEVE: My pack is always full when I go exploring the backcountry because I have to carry my shovel, my probe, some food and water but I almost never go skiing without my Canon 6d and my 24-70mm lens.

TOM:  Whose work has influenced you the most? 

STEVE: As a videographer I’ve been influenced a lot by Brainfarm and their snowboarding movies around the world. In terms of skiing, Sweetgrass Production is my inspiration. I also love the photos from Chris Burkard.

TOM: What are some of your favourite things about being a photographer? What are some challenges you've encountered?

STEVE: For me photography means travelling. I love being on the road and my bucket list become longer everyday. I try to capture the action and the best places, this is why I like shooting skiing. My next projects will bring me down to the USA in Washington and Oregon and across Iceland. One of the most challenging element in photography is the light. A beautiful light can provide an amazing result but on the other hand a bad light can be very unproductive.